Luna and the Library

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Luna works at the local library. When I arrived to take her picture she said she didn’t have time for such shenanigans because she was very busy organizing a new section of books on felines, according to the dewey decimal system. I snapped some pictures anyway. I told her she looked very stylish and wondered… Read more.


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“Tropical the island breeze / All of nature, wild and free/ This is where I long to be /La isla bonitaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”, is what Madonna was singing when I walked in. “Oh sorry, don’t let us interrupt you!” I said. “It’s ok, my mom said you were coming to take my picture because I’m beautiful. Go… Read more.


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Leroy was having a blast in the clothes he selected to wear for his photo shoot! He was running all over the house, sliding from room to room. “Do you like that jacket?” I asked, “Yes! I’m risky business! he said. Risky business??  I wondered. Then Leroy told me that since all his brothers and… Read more.

Bella is looking for an agent

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Baby Bella is only 6 months old but she heard you’re never too young to break into the industry. She enjoys singing and writing poetry, which she then sings. When she heard we were coming over she put on this outfit and sang the following song into the flower which she uses as her microphone:… Read more.


Talk about a tall glass of water!! Check out Baron! What a handsome dude. He was waiting for us when we arrived and was wearing this spiffy green vintage shirt but, ummmm, he forgot his pants! When we pointed this out he said, “What are pants??” You’re right Baron! Who needs pants!? We don’t!

Then he took off his shirt, threw on this bow tie, flexed his pecks, grinned and said, “take my picture.” We like your style Baron!!




Haley is only 2.5 months old. She absolutely loves playing dress up!! This was one of the many outfits she picked out. She threw it on and said “take my pit-chure”. So I did!! What a cute little bumble bee!!!!


***Haley is up for adoption. For more info please contact***

Spark Spark1

Spark is a classy little lady. She always says please and thank you, she respects her elders, she enjoys baking and believes that people will treat you like a lady, if you act like a lady. She said she picked this outfit because it was proper and lady-like and because she  was going to bake lemon bars to take to a local bake sale to raise money for homeless puppies. What a sweet little girl!


***SPARK is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!! For more info please contact:***