Closet Critters have an affinity for fashion. They enjoy trying on clothes. Maybe it’s your clothes, maybe it’s your kid’s clothes, maybe its your aunt Edna’s clothes…the critters don’t care whose clothes it is! They just have a blast invading closets all over the world!

**A word from the human involved in Closet Critters: Please note, none of the animals pictured here were harmed in the process. I don’t even think they were annoyed. I’ll tell you what I do know- These critters don’t do anything they don’t want to do and each one of them has a mean hustle. They know I have treats and they know how to hustle me out of tons of delicious treats! With that said, they’re all amazing furry friends and I enjoy hanging out with them and taking their pictures. All of the animals pictured here are rescue animals which have been rescued off the streets or out of city or county shelters. Many of them really, really, really need awesome, loving homes. If a closet critter is available for adoption I will note that under their pictures. Hope you enjoy our fun times together. Watch your closets! Your dog, cat or hamster may be trying on your clothes right now!


Photos by Linda Alvarez


One response to “About

  1. Steve Frankel ⋅

    Linda, These are brilliant photos. You really ought to consider marketing the outfits used in the photos with half of the profits going to animal rescue activities. They’re brilliant.

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